The 2017 Whitney Biennial x Tiffany & Company Collaboration

BY : Taylor Carty

This year Tiffany & Company has teamed up with The Whitney for their Biennial art showcase to create a collection of a lifetime. Christopher Y. Lewis and Mia Locks are co-curators for the 2017 Whitney Biennial. They selected five artists to create a limited series in collaboration with Tiffany & Co. Many of the pieces displayed took inspiration from past works featured by Tiffany and other artists. Harold Mendez, Ajay Kurian, Raul de Nives, Carrie Moyer, Sarah Hughes collaborated with Tiffany artisans to create their works. Each display case centered at the entrance of the fourth floor of Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue flagship store. Tiffany’s flagship store has long been a destination for shoppers who are looking for high jewelry, engagement rings, watches, and a wide variety of accessories. From the beginning, Tiffany & Co goods embodied three distinct characteristics, according to Tiffany & Co archivist Annamarie V. Sandecki: “inspiration from either nature or the art of other cultures, innovative technique, and a reliance on unusual gemstones and metals.” These characteristics are why Tiffany jewelry and accessories forever hold their value, making them family heirlooms, timeless pieces and attractive for people as an investment to sell their Tiffany jewelry or diamonds in the future.
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Topics: Jewelry, Selling Silver, Tiffany & Company, Art