How to Have a Successful Jewelry Appraisal

BY : Isaac Schultz


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How To Update Your Jewelry Collection For Cheap

BY : Emily Zimmer


We all reach that point in our lives when we’re simply bored with the jewelry that we have. Our collection’s gone rusty, our chains are tangled, our gems are scratched, and we recognize that our collection isn’t quite what it used to be.But how could this happen?

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How Gold Buyers Decide On A Price | Selling Gold Jewelry

BY : Teejay Andrews

Let's Talk About Gold Buyers & Prices... 


First, We Need To Answer:

What Are Gold Buyers?

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Secrets Of The Diamond District

BY : Esther Meir

Brief History & Tips for Selling Jewelry in NYC's Diamond District.


Located on 47th street between 5th and 6th Avenue is one of New York City’s busiest locations: 


NYC's Diamond District

The Diamond District is a place of rich history and expert jewelers, the combination producing one of NYC’s most valued locations. Visitors from all over the world come to the Diamond District to buy and sell jewelry for the best quality and prices. 

But 47th street wasn’t always the home of NYC jewelers. In fact, the hub for buying and selling jewelry originated all the way down town on a quaint little street called, Maiden Lane.


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Insider Tips for Selling Jewelry in NYC on 47th Street

BY : Cathleen McCarthy

Dealers on 47th Street don't always agree on what it takes to get ahead. Manhattan's Diamond District can be a fiercely competitive place. But the businesses that survive and prosper here for decades are usually run by smart people with a reputation for being reliable and fair.

Fima Kandinov maintains straight shooting is the key to survival in the Diamond District. “Honesty and integrity are the keys to any business,” Kandinov says, and business conducted on 47th Street is no exception.

Many dealers on 47th Street take a somewhat more cutthroat approach. But Kandinov, primary appraiser and founder of Luriya, is not the only one to reach this conclusion.

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