I Found Gold Coins! How Do I Sell Them?

BY : Guest Contributor


People get by financial hiccups and challenges today by selling personal valuables. The economy has caused some serious blows on average consumers, and it is a good thing that many of those affected learned to do business.

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How To Get Cash For Your Change -- A Guide To Coin Selling

BY : Marnie Rubenstein

There are many collectors who take great interest in rare and unique coins. Whether you recently inherited a large coin collection, or a coin caught your eye when the cashier handed you your change, it is frequent that collectors choose to buy, sell, or trade their valuables. Either way, if you’re looking to sell a coin, it can be difficult to know the value of the coin, or if it's worth anything in the first place.

Many people think that coin prices are only based on how old the coin is. In fact, there are many more determinants than age alone. Just like diamonds get graded on their “4 C’s”, coins are graded on the following characteristics:


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How to Have a Successful Jewelry Appraisal

BY : Marnie Rubenstein


You’ve decided to take the plunge and go in for a jewelry appraisal. Maybe you’re willing to sell your jewelry on the spot, or maybe you want to shop around for a quote first. Either way, you should follow a few simple steps to make sure that your jewelry appraisal is productive, both for you and for your appraiser.


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Is Your Coin Collection Ready for Auction?

BY : Sarah Hucal

If you want to build a coin collection worth serious coin, don't buy the latest fad. In fact, don't bother with anything issued in the last 60 years, says Norman Scrivener, coin specialist at Doyle New York. The sweet spot for beginning collectors? Coins from the 1940s.

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