I Found Gold Coins! How Do I Sell Them?

BY : Guest Contributor


People get by financial hiccups and challenges today by selling personal valuables. The economy has caused some serious blows on average consumers, and it is a good thing that many of those affected learned to do business.

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What is gold's price today and why? Let's talk about gold's value

BY : Kathryn Fallah

“‘You have a heart of gold, ‘Good as gold,’ ‘A gold mine of information,’ ‘Worth its weight in gold’’. Have you heard any of these phrases? If you have, it may give you an inkling of an idea of what gold means to people.

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Selling Gold Coins for the Best Returns

BY : Andro Yuson



When doing business of any kind, it pays to know how to capitalize on every strength and weakness there is to make the endeavor thrive. The economy, in all of its unpredictability, is something that everyone has to live with. It's just the reality. Investors, and frankly anyone that deals with money, deal with all types of risks on a daily basis before they could turn their investments into profits.

Because of the number of risks involved, it pays to have somebody share some knowledge about the tools of the trade before jumping into any type of transaction. When it comes to the gold trade, there are a lot of things one can do to gain a little bit of advantage.

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Gold and Why it's Valuable

BY : Kathryn Fallah


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Social Schmocial! Check out Luriya's new and improved social media channels!

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