All About Eternity Rings

BY : Isaac Schultz

Eternity Ring

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BY : Emily Zimmer

When winter rolls around, choosing what jewelry to wear becomes complicated for a lot of reasons. With new layers of clothing that certainly weren’t there in spring and summer, we must devise a new game plan. Afterall, what’s the purpose of wearing gorgeous jewelry if no one can even see it?

Hats and scarves tangled up in your earrings? For these trends, it may be worth it. Don’t let the cold air bring you down.

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Turning The Corner: Fancy Jewelry Hubs Around The World

BY : Emily Zimmer

With tall buildings and endless traffic, sometimes New York City feels absolutely inescapable. As tourists flock and natives cringe, it becomes more and more difficult to remember that the world extends past the Hudson. This goes for the world of retail as well. While many consumers believe that NYC is the world’s hub for all things retail, they are surprisingly mistaken.

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Debunking Gender-Bias In The Diamond District

BY : Emily Zimmer

Here at Luriya, we’ve encountered jewelry sellers of just about every kind. However, it’s difficult to pinpoint whether the majority of clients who come in to sell their diamond rings are male or female. We believe the numbers are just about the same, after all, why wouldn’t they be?

Doesn’t a man have every right to sell a diamond ring? Doesn't a woman? Shouldn’t everyone be treated equally -- especially, in what should be an extremely objective field? 

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10 Essential Steps to Selling a Diamond Ring

BY : Esther Meir

Selling a diamond ring can be scary. Espcially if that ring comes with emotional baggage, familial ties, or simply inexperience of trading items for cash.

When selling diamonds (the much beloved and admired stone of our society), everyone worries about being scammed and not getting the highest price out there.

But, if you know the right steps to take, you'll be walking away with some serious $$$ and a piece of cake in no time.


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