[BLOG] Selling Jewelry in NYC: The Difference Between Wholesale Sellers and Retail Sellers

BY : Ribi Khaimov

The world of jewelry today is so vast that you can have one jeweler providing both wholesale and retail services. James Avery for example, would be able to be both a wholesale jeweler and a retail seller because they can make their own jewelry and then retail it for higher prices. Jewelry buyers and sellers have to have a little knowledge of the relationship between wholesale and retail to find the best prices that will work for them. Wholesale and retail directly influence each other. Knowing ahead of time about what the market can bear will increase your chances at making a profit from selling your jewelry, or save you a ton of money when buying!

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A Look At Celtic Jewelry And What It Means

BY : Emily Zimmer

When choosing a piece of jewelry, it is typical to want something with some sort of special meaning. Often we find certain symbols to be appealing as we feel connected to the meanings they convey. Whether it’s a cultural symbol or a specific gemstone, there are many reasons people wear the jewelry they wear.

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