Stone Series: 10 Things You Did Not Know About Sapphires

BY : Andro Yuson

As a continuation to our stone series, we are now diving into the world of sapphires. You might have heard of this precious stone from media outlets around the world when Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with a sapphire ring or, depending on your age, when Prince William (Charles and Diana’s son) used the same exact sapphire ring to propose to his then girlfriend, Duchess Kate Middleton.

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How to Have a Successful Jewelry Appraisal

BY : Marnie Rubenstein


You’ve decided to take the plunge and go in for a jewelry appraisal. Maybe you’re willing to sell your jewelry on the spot, or maybe you want to shop around for a quote first. Either way, you should follow a few simple steps to make sure that your jewelry appraisal is productive, both for you and for your appraiser.


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The Ultimate Guide to Valentine's Day 2018

BY : Marnie Rubenstein


Valentine’s Day is in a week and you’re just remembering now. Maybe you haven’t noticed the subtle hints that your significant other has been giving you for months, but at least you remembered before it’s too late. The question remains – what are you getting them?

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Turning The Corner: Fancy Jewelry Hubs Around The World

BY : Emily Zimmer

With tall buildings and endless traffic, sometimes New York City feels absolutely inescapable. As tourists flock and natives cringe, it becomes more and more difficult to remember that the world extends past the Hudson. This goes for the world of retail as well. While many consumers believe that NYC is the world’s hub for all things retail, they are surprisingly mistaken.

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Luriya Sits Down With NYC Jewelry And Watch Show Exhibitors Gemlok And Jewels By Grace

BY : Taylor Carty

From October 27th - 30th the Metropolitan Pavilion hosted  the 3rd annual NYC Jewelry and Watch show. This year's showcase is one of many jewelry, antique, and fine craft events organized by the Palm Beach Show Group. The Plam Beach Show Group is recognized as the nation's leading producer of premier jewelry, art and antique shows.

“We were thrilled to introduce a bigger and better-than-ever New York City Jewelry & Watch Show this year. We welcomed new dealers, modified the floor plan and felt a palpable buzz and enthusiasm of shoppers over the course of four action-packed days,” said Andrea Canady, Show Director of the New York City Jewelry & Watch Show. “The show floor was filled with serious retail and dealer buyers and many of the clientele were new, first time attendees to the show.”

This year's show was filled with hundreds of top-notch companies showcasing an array of beautiful pieces. Whether you are an enthusiast, buyer, or an aficionado, there was something at the NYC Jewelry and Watch show for all.

 Here at Luriya, we had the opportunity to walk the floor of the show and even speak to a few designers and collectors.

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