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Engagement rings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. This sentimental item is one of the most important pieces that people own, and making sure it is suitable for your partner when shopping is important. There is a vast range of options out there when looking for a ring, so considering all possibilities is necessary before deciding on the perfect choice. 

Diamonds are one of the first things people think of when the phrase engagement ring comes up. While it is possible to get a ring made of other types of gemstones, diamonds are by far the most popular choice for partners. Much of this has to do with the meaning behind the gem- diamonds are meant to signifying an undying, forever lasting love. This idea came about after the strategic planning of the De Beers company, who was able to redefine the value of diamonds in the 1920s.

Though diamonds are by far the most popular, other gemstones also come into play with engagement rings. You can choose from sapphires, aquamarine, emeralds, and rubies, for example. It is also possible to pair different types of gems together for a ring that will stand out, such as Kate Middleton's 12-carat oval sapphire.

When it comes to diamonds, the four C's are significant in determining the type of ring you should buy. 

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Color: The clearer the color of the diamond, the better the value. Most diamonds have a slight hue to them oftentimes unnoticeable to the eye, however, the price rises when a color is crystal-clear.
Cut: Diamonds can transmit light and have an eye-catching sparkle. The cut refers to how well the face interacts with the light and how it bounces off the surface. 

Clarity: Clarity refers to measuring the inclusions and blemishes on the diamond. Inclusions are small internal imperfections from the pressure put on diamonds being formed, while blemishes are external imperfections. Though it is hard to find a pure diamond, the closer you can get to it the better. 

Carat: Carat refers to how much a diamond weighs, and the value increases with the weight of the diamond. 

Trends in Finding the Perfect Ring



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As stated in an article by Vogue, the way that people are shopping for engagement rings is shifting. Ring buyers are taking their time to do more research about rings and their cuts, and have an idea of what they want when coming in to buy.

Rings trends come and go, but a big contributor to what is interesting is what celebrities are wearing. People love to know what rings celebrities have, what their value is, and what style they chose.

Ring Styles


Round Brilliant: The American Gem Society stated the most popular ring cut choices, with the most widely bought cut being the round brilliant. This cut allows for full view and reflection of the gem. An article by Today reported that it accounts for 60% of sales because of how sparkly it is, and that this style is seen as the traditional one. 

Oval: While round cut has taken place as most traditional, the oval cut has been rising in popularity the past few years. These rings are tall and flattering for the finger because of how they elongate and slim. Hailey Bieber's engagement ring is an oval diamond that is six to ten carats according to ET.

Emerald: The emerald cut is another beloved choice. The emerald is a rectangular shaped ring with rounded corners and gives off more of an elegant air. Jennifer Lawrence's engagement ring is an emerald diamond on top of a gold band. Though it is simple, it is classic and beautiful.

Princess: The princess cut is one of the more unusual choices but has also proved its attractiveness to couples. This style is a sharply cut square that has an X type shape when you look down into the stone.

Cushion-Cut: Another choice that is moving up the ranks is a cushion-cut, which is one of the oldest shapes. It's name comes from the soft cut of the stone, which saves some more of the crystal. Priyanka Chopra's ring is a cushion-cut that is around four carats. 

Engagement rings have always been of interest to people considering their meaning and appearance and will continue to hold their precious symbolism for years to come. Investing time and energy into looking for the right ring will pay off and forever cherished.

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May 10, 2019