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Do You Know Why You're Wearing It? Jewelry and Its Many Meanings

BY : Gladys Teng

On the most superficial level, jewelry can be thought of as nothing more than a fashion item.

It is commonly worn to enhance or complement an outfit, especially for formal events that showcase elegance and style

But if you dig a little deeper and look beyond Western ideals, you will find that in many cultures, jewelry represents more than simply wearable decoration.


In many cultures, jewelry is often worn for luck and superstition. Family heirlooms are passed down to honor tradition and the bonds between generations. In short, jewelry is worn not only for aesthetically pleasing purposes, but often for sentimental or social intents.

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The Life Cycle Of A Diamond Ring

BY : Gladys Teng

Ever wonder where your jewelry came from before finding its way to a retailer? What has it seen and experienced beyond its relatively brief time in your possession? What is the fate of a piece of jewelry after it’s been sold?

Considering the sentimental value we attach to a diamond ring, it’s not out of the ordinary to wonder about the history of the stone, as well as where it might end up after its time in your possession. Chances are, the diamond has traveled to more continents than you have before ending up on you or your partner’s finger. So when it comes to diamonds, supply-chain transparency carries more emotional significance than it would for products like coffee beans or sneakers.


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