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The Beginner's Guide To Selling Diamond Jewelry

BY : Andro Yuson

Looking to sell your diamond jewelry?


Have absolutely no idea where to start?

Great! Don’t beat yourself up - this isn’t supposed to be common knowledge. Let Luriya, a leading jewelry and diamond buyer in New York City's Diamond District, guide you into the dos an don'ts of selling diamond jewelry.


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Starting a trade, like starting a business, is NO easy feat. It takes a lot of work, time, work, dedication, work, patience, and - you guessed it - WORK! In the diamond industry, however, it’s much harder than it looks. Nowadays, the diamond trade has become a lot stronger due to the entry of a plethora of jewelry and diamond buyers and sellers who contribute to the thriving precious stones industry. Although one can argue that it makes the industry much more congested, the emergence of small businesses - in theory - should always be a good thing for the economy.

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Selling Your Diamond? Here's A Two-Step Guide On Finding Reputable Diamond Buyers Online

BY : Andro Yuson

In the advent e-commerce developments today, more and more people are learning to do business online. It has become a lot easier for people to both do business and look for products and services to avail online. Due to the advancements in business e-commerce technologies, it has also become safer for people to sell highly valuable items like jewelry. Selling diamonds online for example has become common today. More and more people are able to sell their own jewelries to online buyers for good cash. However, while most people think they are internet savvy, there still are online frauds that appear to be difficult to avoid. Hence, how will it be safe to sell diamonds to online buyers? How can a seller find reputable diamond buyers online?

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Social Schmocial! Check out Luriya's new and improved social media channels!

BY : Andro Yuson


Luriya's socials are better than ever! You can now follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and expect the same quality service in real time. We. Are. Not. Kidding.

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Selling Your Diamond Jewelry? Read this 5 Tips!

BY : Andro Yuson

Nowadays, as the economy continues to be erratic and inconsistent, people have learned to come up with alternative sources of income in case rainy days come splashing. Today, more and more people are learning how to sell things they do not use anymore. The emergence of easy-to-use e-commerce websites and mobile applications have fueled the resurgence of reselling pre-loved goods - thus allowing more people to sell some of their treasured trinkets for an easy buck. While it is easier for some people to sell secondhand items, some can actually go as far as selling expensive and sentimentally treasured items like diamond jewelry.

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Diamond Trade 101: How to Clean Your Diamond Jewelries Before Selling Them

BY : Andro Yuson

One mark of a reputable seller is preparing his or her merchandise properly before putting them up for sale. This applies to any piece of merchandise or product; and when talking about something as valuable and expensive as diamond jewelry, this becomes more crucial. Selling diamond jewelry has become very easy today. There are lots of jewelers around who are willing to take in both new and timeworn diamond jewelries for some good cash. However, a seller needs to ensure a few things before deciding to sell diamonds. For one, a seller needs to ensure that s/he understand just how much his or her diamonds are worth. Secondly, s/he also needs to make sure that his or her diamonds are prepared well for the appraisal. While jewelers will usually just look at the authenticity of the diamond and the overall craftsmanship of the piece, clean and well-kept diamond jewelry can give the seller an advantage since it saves the jeweler time and cost in having it cleaned and made up before resale. So to help you prepare you gems before you take them to the jeweler, here are some cleaning tips to keep in mind:

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