Blood from a Stone: New Efforts to Mine Colored Stones Responsibly

BY : Sarah Hucal

With demand for colored gems on the rise, it's becoming clear that diamonds aren't the only gem with blood on them. Colored-gem mining and cutting involve many of the same problems diamonds have become famous for.

But new initiatives are being launched to keep that in check, and the gem and jewelry industry are starting to get on board.

While the colored stone family is large—around 100 types are available today—some tend to steal the spotlight. Prices for rubies and sapphires have reportedly increased faster than that of diamonds over the past several years. In December, Christie’s set a world record at auction with the $6.4 million sale of an 87-carat Burmese ruby and diamond necklace.

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5 Most Fabulous Jewelry Trends in 2014

BY : Barbara Diggs

What type of jewelry is sizzling hot in 2014? That’s a key question for anyone contemplating which pieces to sell and which to hang onto – or for those of us just looking to stay on top of the trends.

Sadly, we don’t have a crystal ball that prophesies the future of jewelry trends, but as we sweep past the year’s mid-point, we have a solid read on the jewelry that is currently hotter than July. Here are the top trends we're seeing in hot spots around the globe:

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Is Your Coin Collection Ready for Auction?

BY : Sarah Hucal

If you want to build a coin collection worth serious coin, don't buy the latest fad. In fact, don't bother with anything issued in the last 60 years, says Norman Scrivener, coin specialist at Doyle New York. The sweet spot for beginning collectors? Coins from the 1940s.

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Colored Diamonds Set World Records at Auction

BY : Cathleen McCarthy

In many cases, color in diamonds indicates a drawback - an unattractive tint that can detract from the price. Most of us look for the clearest, most colorless diamond we can find. But there’s color, and then there’s color. Sizable natural diamonds of fancy or vivid shades of pink, blue and yellow are exquisite – and rare. When they appear at auction, they go for astronomical prices.

That’s been happening a lot.

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Celebrating Summer with Pearls, 2014-Style

BY : Lisa Van Alst

Saturday was summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, the longest day of the year and most importantly, the official start of summer. No better time to stock up on pearls, June’s birthstone, the perfect complement to summer whites, and one of the most desired (and constantly reinvented) products of the sea.


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